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Business Integration Guru is a dedication towards sincerity, reliability support and service. In a fast evolving industry, with a dynamic economy landscape, we strive to provide our client with the right setup and tools to engage in their business. As companies find the necessity to invest more in technology, we assist them in achieving the right balance between their needs and budget.

“Growing BIG Together”

We recognise the growing importance of information technology in any organisation. IT has transform from a mere daily tool to an essential business tool in gaining a competitive edge. We strive to assist our client to position themselves with the help of IT, be it having a competitive edge, lowering overhead expenses, or improving their overall efficiency and productivity.
Any business growth requires its Information Technology to grow correspondently. We serve our client as a trusted ally, providing them with the loyalty of a business partner, and the economics of an external vendor. We listen attentively to your needs and propose the most cost-effective and viable solution within your budget to achieve your objective.


Be it standard hourly or customised maintenance, we listen attentively to our client and their needs. A comprehensive cost-effective solution to upkeep our client network system will go a long way towards the daily operation objective of any business.Let us assist you to manage your IT department at a fraction of your cost. Call us today.


As IT continues to change and impact businesses, the need for proper integration has never been more evident and critical. Be it sharing of files, applications, or enabling multiple sites access, network integration presents infinite possibilities. We assists our client to design and implement the right setup so as to maximise their IT budget.


As IT play a critical part in any business daily operation, the ability to recover from a disaster has never been more important. A viable Disaster Recovery Plan will prevent any serious loss of data and allows the business to recover critical information.


As business rely more on IT for their operation, a cost-effective Business Continuity Plan will enable timely resumption of business in the event of any disaster. We assist our client to identify and design the right Business Continuity Plan at the right budget.

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