Maintenance Services


Be it standard hourly or customised maintenance, we listen attentively to our client and their needs. A comprehensive cost-effective solution to upkeep our client network system will go a long way towards the daily operation objective of any business.

Allowing us to manage your IT needs and be your network support allows you to focus on running your business. Regular expert maintenance on your PCs, servers, and network infrastructure will minimize downtime and maximize productivity. Our IT consultants will respond to problems quickly, either remotely or on-site. Your systems will be protected, secure and available when you need them most, so your employees stay productive. 

Let us assist you to manage your IT department at a fraction of your cost. Call us today.

System Integration

BIG will work with you to outline a plan based on your budget and your company’s needs. We can be your entire IT department, or we can supplement your existing IT resources and capabilities. BIG customizes its plans to meet each individual client’s short and long term business goals.

Scheduling an onsite visit, submitting and tracking a help ticket, or viewing account information is easily done by visiting our online Client Portal.

Network & System Security

As systems and network are more inter-connected and to the Internet, the risk of threat has become more evident. Many network security threats today are spread over the Internet. Common threats come in the forms of Virus, Trojan, Spyware, Malware, Hacking, DOS, Data, Identity Theft, etc.

Network Security is accomplished in the form of hardware and software, integrated to provide a comprehensive protection for you. Be it Anti-virus, Firewall, Intrusion Prevention System, VPN for Remote Access, we can assist you to customise an effective and cost-effective solution that works for you.

Leave the IT security in our hands and let us assist you to build a resilient defence for your company important IT assets. 

Co-location @DC



Dedicated & VPS Hosting

We provide Dedicated server, VPS (Linux) and VPS (Windows) Hosting at Singapore Datacentre located in International Business Park.

Dedicated server hosting, although higher in price as compared to shared VPS hosting, provides several benefits. You have root access to customize and configure the server to suit your business needs. You can have the flexibility to install any software applications. With anunique and dedicated IP address, you can purchase your own SSL certificate for your online applications.

Web hosting has changed much in recent years and now companies has more options as compared to early days shared hosting. VPS, Virtual Private Server, is the result of technological enhancement in virtualisation. VPS provides multiple virtual partitions on a physical server, allowing each user to have its own independent space.

Email & Web Hosting

Email remains one of the most crucial communication tools for business, in spite of the popularity of instant messaging services. Using a hosted email service with your own domain name projects professionalism and helps to enhance your company brand image.

Shared Web hosting is a good start at a low cost to place your company’s existence on the Internet. Your company, identity and branding will be given a boost.

What separates us from the rest is our commitment to resolving your problem with the least hassle to you. No more waiting for tickets to be resolved with our experienced staff.


BIG customised the right plan for you.

To BIG, every client is unique, and we customise the right plan to suit you. You can choose from our standard plans or let us understand you better. A well customised plan will go a long way in ensuring that your needs are fulfilled.

BIG provides the following services.

  • Network Maintenance
  • System Maintenance
  • Network & System Security
  • Co-location @DC
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Email & Web Hosting

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